This process is actually my responsibility.
But i have temporary less time to make reviews.

I also hope a 9.1.1 release soon but i think we miss a important part in 
network ports to do it.
Could we expect start or mid of next week ? (maybe sooner ?)

For enhance future releases, i'm open to any advises.
Maybe we need to clarify what's we need to do before and for a release.

BTW, ok for a finishing branch name 9.1.1.
Il will be off (still reading mails) for the rest of the week, Johan or you 
could create it ?

I pushed recently an update for the tools/make_release script. I think it's now 
compatible with the current code.
It will avoid errors like incomplete tarballs.


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> Objet: Re: [Glpi-dev] Branching rules
> I think we also need a "Release Manager" ;)
> - create the branch
> - tag the version
> - create / publish the tarball
> - check which commits can go in the branch after a RC.
> And perhaps we also need a "9.1.1" branch
> So only "critical" remaining bugs can go there, and allow dev to
> continue fixing bug in 9.1 branch
> So, RM
> - create the 9.1.1 branch from 9.1
> - commit only selected fix in this branch
> - release it from this branch
> BTW, I hope 9.1.1 could be released soon...
> (according to the various bug affecting install/update process)
> Remi.
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