I believe it is fair to say this is like dejavew all over again.

For various reasons I prefer to say get the advice of Rob's wife as
opposed to stating anything directly.  My belief is that if asked she
would likely say the following:

1.  If at all possible use an umbrella organization.  An aside, it
would seem this might be a good service for LI to provide LUGS.
2.  If your annual contributions do not exceed $5K, then you really
don't need to do anything.
3.  If you want to obtain your own determination letter, the 501(c)(3)
is the way to go.
4.  You need to do some work to develop budgets, develop projected
income and expenses, develop proposed activities, create bylaws, and
develop a formal, functional organization.
5.  Once you have done 4, the application is actually rather easy.

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