You asked for it, you got it.

I contacted Ashlyn who still is involved with the clinic at FPLC.  She
believes our 501(c)(3) issues will be something a student may want to
take on, but the first chance will be during the summer session. So,
assuming a student there is willing to take on the issue and assuming
the scheduling works out and assuming GNLUG gets the paperwork done to
establish a client relationship with the clinic, we should have some
solid advice from the FPLC clinic by the end of July.

May sound  like a long time, but not really, and it gives GNHLUG time to
work on other things since its status or not as being tax exempt should
not affect other decisions.

I will remind the Clinic in late May and in the meantime work on
providing Ashlyn the info they need  to evaluate  the situation which
in turn may mean I get to hound people for info.  As they say, what
goes around, comes around. <g>
Ed Lawson
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