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>   I think the reason we have so much deja vu over and over again is
> that we keep getting told we should do things, but don't actually know
> *how* to do them.

I  also think the need to just do it also is involved.  In other words,
get some advice about options and info on them and then decide which
option to pursue and then have that option pursued. 

> >  2.  If your annual contributions do not exceed $5K, then you really
> >  don't need to do anything.
>   If we don't need to do anything, why are there four other
> steps?  ;-)

Its one potential option, but others may have good reasons for saying
you don't need to do it, but here are reasons for doing it anyway.

Here's a deal, I will contact the person MD has highlighted in his post
as the FPLC contact person, I will have them ascertain whether or not
Carole's organization can function as an umbrella for GNHLUG and what
would be involved and whether it makes any sense to even be thinking
about this stuff given the amounts of money and future plans.

I will report the results and give a few suggestions based on what the
folks at FPLC have said. The intent of this endeavor is to provide the
board with the info they need to make a decision.

I estimate this will take 45 days.

In the interim, I believe the board should be brainstorming about and
deciding upon what events and activities it would like to develop.
Sort of where and what and when and why.  the result of that activity
may also be an important factor in which option will be selected from
those I will be bringing to the table. 

See Ben hounding is good. Just don't hound me about this until April
28th. <g>  Actually I deserve this since I think I said I would try to
get to part of this last fall and never reported back.

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