> That's the basic application Arc was asking us to consider. For an
> Ubuntu SIG that will liaison with an Ubuntu LoCo, that might be the
> optimal solution.

I should probably clarify;

It's been discussed that the LoCo would do workshops and other "user" social
functions, however the LoCo membership are people doing
promotion/activism/etc with Ubuntu, not just general users.  It would be a
small group who's members put on events for a larger group of non-members.

So instead, we're talking about a separate group which compliments the LoCo
with users as members, not just LoCo members, and puts on LUG-like functions
specific for Ubuntu.  The idea with this is all Ubuntu users are invited to
be members and get involved equally.

In form and function there's really no difference between the Ubuntu group
we're starting and PySIG, save for Python project doesn't have a local
promotion group in this state who's members are heavily involved in making
PySIG meetings happen.
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