Arc Riley wrote:
> So does GNHLUG have a banner, something display'able, or some other 
> signage?  Nikki knows someone that makes banners cheap, if not.  Would 
> be a great asset to GNHLUG.

We do have a banner, rather a nice one:

and[EMAIL PROTECTED]/124773545/

> A lit sheet/trifold/etc on GNHLUG to hand out?  That's a job in itself, 
> if not.  I couldn't find a PDF for something like this on the website.

holds our last drafts. It's a single-sheet 8.5" x 11". It needs an 
update to include the Ruby SIG and the dates ought to be verified.

> We're also going to also need tables and chairs.

Hmm... Can't help you there.

> Still unconfirmed on the install/use workshop that evening at the 
> Concord Food Coop, Ami (their marketing person) was very enthusiastic 
> about this but she was about to head out on vacation, I'll need to sit 
> down with her next week.  We wouldn't need tables/etc for that, but we 
> will need to bring our own stuff to the day event and nobody thus far 
> has had access to folding tables (2 would be ideal).

That sounds interesting. What do you have in mind?
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