> 120 VAC would be ideal.  12 VDC from a car works but is suboptimal.

Good call, I'll ask the city about an available power tap.

If not, it's not the end of the world to have them in sleep mode unless
seen, or need to swap them out to cars for recharging.

To be fair, I'll ask if Red Hat can cough up some Fedora discs.  If
> they don't, their loss.

Redhat decided not to sponsor SFD this year (did they last year?)

Of course it's an open event for any group promoting software freedom or any
FOSS CDs, but in fairness to the SFD sponsors having OpenSolaris CDs on hand
would be good :-)

Oh - on the note of sponsors, the FSF is one of them.  IIRC, last year's SFD
materials packet included stickers and leaflets from them.  I'll make sure
to hit up the copyshop and have PlayOGG/etc flyers printed up that are not
included in the supplies pack.

It'd be good if a FSF associate member could volunteer wearing a FSF/GNU
shirt to talk about their action items/etc.
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