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> I've never heard of anything so rediculous, you should only need
> 2 signatures from the organization (usually president and
> treasurer) at most and a signature card should be more than
> sufficient.

  The paperwork consists of the a formal resolution from the board and
the signature card, so that's pretty much exactly what we're talking
about.  I don't find it ridiculous that they want some documentation
that the corporation's board agrees to the account terms.

  I've been giving them the three officers of the corporation,
although now that I think of it, that may be more than they actually

> If you have to go through all this just to open account, what kind of time
> wasting non-sense do they have in store for you as a customer?

  I'm not sure they're wasting time so much as us.  Twice now I've
made this same lady fill out the same paperwork, only to have it
negated because of the apparent inability of one of our officers to
attend our board meetings.  I have a hard time finding fault in the
bank's behavior when we're the ones failing our obligations.

-- Ben
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