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Ken Ambrose said:

>On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Yeah, I heard they stop all incoming SPAM as well.
>> Hey, do know anyone that needs a bridge?  I have a nice one right
>> between Queens and Brooklyn I'm looking to sell ;)  Or, if you
>> prefer, I another on in the San Fran/Bay area!
>Even though I was born in NYC, and worked in the financial district (which
>is on the far south end), I can't claim to know too much about how the
>boroughs work.  Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that the bridge we're
>talking about goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  ;-)  [That's why you see
>all those pics of the WTC workers leaving on the Brooklyn Bridge.]

Okay, you're correct, I was speaking of that bridge and 
mis-identified the boroughs (or is it burroughs?).

However, I must now ask:

        IS there a bridge which connects Queens and Brooklyn?



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