> Le 20 sept. 2016 à 19:09, David Botton <da...@botton.com> a écrit :
> 1. Not sure

Seems that the default download file is the last mainly downloaded as 
gpr-tools.zip has 2 and the others only 1.

> 2. Pascal, do you see any reason we need to have Zanyblue incorporated in any 
> regular build unless doing the demos that require it (which perhaps should be 
> optional)?

In deed no, I've already separated it as other dependences in dev_1.3 new 
But it was not available on SF until I've just forced a repository refresh!
Please Olivier checkout commit with release tags (without alpha or beta) for 
stable use of Gnoga like last V1.2a.
Report to the list or open a ticket if any issues.
If you want new makefile structure, test V1.3-alpha last commit, use it only 
for testing new features ;-)

> 3. Comcast, the internet provider where my VM is with Gnoga, for the last 2 
> months has been constantly having issues. I'm looking into other providers 
> for the location where I have Gnoga hosted.

Please Olivier, sending full report is actually helping to improve.
Your last report from end of July was rather ok.

> On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:42 PM Olivier Henley <olivier.hen...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> 1. On sourceforge the default file to download is gprbuilds.zip! Why?
> 2. This weekend I had problem building latest from master because of 
> Zanyblue. I just gave up.
> 3. Links at www.gnoga.com (tools, services, marketplace etc) are not working 
> ... or incredibly slow. I managed to open only http://www.gnoga.com/#market 
> but it took like 30 seconds. I dont want to sound bad but www.gnoga.com 
> rarely worked great. I dont know the server limitations but it looks it has 
> some. May I suggest to serve it from vultr.com for 5$ per month 
> (https://www.vultr.com/pricing/)
> Otherwise, can I help? 

Same as David said, you're welcome.


HTH, Pascal.

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