Le 20/09/2016 à 22:56, Olivier Henley a écrit :
> 2. To me a commit named V1.2a is miss-leading as being alpha regardless
> the real alpha commit is named V1.2-alpha. Same thing for V1.2b. If you
> want to say it is a stable release why not use the term stable. My two
> cents.
Two more cents: the convention I use, which was set up by our company
quality manager:
Version numbers are: M.msn, where:
M is the major version number
m is the minor version number
s is 'a' for alpha, 'b' for beta, and 'r' for release
n is a continuously growing sequence number, irrespectively of s

For example, I had versions like:
1.18b1, 1.18b2, ... 1.18b7, 1.18r8 (soon to be released ;-) )

I find this simple and convenient.
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