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>> Alexander Terekhov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > David Kastrup wrote:
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>> >> > The GPL is entirely different T&C, stupid. The BSD doesn't allow
>> >> > relicensing under the GPL T&C. Only the BSD T&C apply.
>> >>
>> >> There is nothing to indicate "Only" in the BSD license.  You can
>> >> obviously add your own terms.
>> >
>> > It is "obvious" only to GNU brainwashed population.
>> Well, the decisive difference of the GPL is the "no additional
>> restrictions" clause of the GPL.
> Which is nothing but decisively meaningless drivel by an amateur
> IP license drafter Richard Stallman. The GPL is full of decisively 
> meaningless drivel. Go ask any real IP licensing lawyer.

Like yourself?  Excuse me while I clean my keyboard.  Like your
personal hero Wallace?  Or preferably somebody with an actual legal
background, like the legal departments of IBM and Novell?

> Moglen's underlings don't count.

He needs not "underlings" as he is paid for teaching the law at a
university.  People would hardly do that if he botched up his facts,
interpretations and predictions as badly as you do.  There are some
people who could earn money with their hobby.

You are not among them.

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