On 11/14/2019 04:32 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:

> It has been discussed with him and he has been told that these kind of
> discussions and decisions need to be made in public.

And you have been told very clearly that he does not agree.
You have also been told, publicly,  what he intends to do.

Please do not insist.

 Likewise when we
> asked the FSF where to publicly discuss GNU decision-making processes
> and the future relationship of the FSF and GNU they suggested this
> mailinglist. So here we are.

There must have been a misunderstanding. As far as I know, the FSF never
called for a public discussion of its relationship with GNU. It did call
for comments, which are not public:

"Messages sent to fsf-and-...@fsf.org and gnu-and-...@gnu.org will be
privately shared between the FSF and GNU leadership..."

And so did RMS:

"As head of the GNU Project, I will be working with the FSF on how to
structure the GNU Project's relationship with the FSF in the future.
Suggestions can be sent to  gnu-and-...@gnu.org.

Dora Scilipoti
GNU Education Team

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