* nylxs <mrbrk...@optonline.net> [2020-01-08 08:18]:
> On 1/6/20 4:00 PM, Andreas Enge wrote:
> > I can revert my decision and leave. This is an
> > option, but like Andy I think that the goals of GNU are a worthy cause, and
> > that it makes sense to struggle for a more participatory organisation to
> > ensure the long-term success of GNU.
> Accept that never actually works and what it really means is that you
> want to steal GNU because you are angry with RMS.  All volunteer
> organizations are top down, even Debian...
> GNU, the Linux Kernel, the Boy Scouts,  etc
> I volunteer for the Museum of Natural Historyt and Public TV and I ZERO
> say in either organziaiton.
> This is just a flat out power grab
> There is NO legitamacy to what you are doing.  ZERO
> Oh - and BTW - I don't support you.  I support Richard Stallman, and his
> creation of the GNU and springboarding Free Software.
> I wouldn't follow you ANYWHERE.  You have proven to work in bad faith
> and to be untrustworthy.

Thank you, that is well said.


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