* Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddh...@gotplt.org> [2020-01-15 07:09]:
> >> ... but I haven't compared the GNU project with governments, I have
> >> compared it with Kingdoms :)
> >>
> >> Siddhesh
> > 
> > Is nothing of that kind. Totally wrong.
> > 
> Of course not with a military, bureaucrats and all that, at least not
> that I'm aware of.  But as a top down organisation that operates at the
> explicit blessing of the one at the top, of course it is.  You can say
> that you don't like the analogy for whatever but you can't just claim
> that it's incorrect.
> Siddhesh

Software projects on this planet Earth are mostly started by private
individuals, and there are private companies starting software

It is true that one who is not creator of such, normally cannot
participate in substantial changes of such software projects,
especially, it is impossible to just kick out the founder of the
project. It is ridiculous even to think of that, as that is indication
of criminal mind. It is like kicking out the home owner out of his own

GNU project consists of many pieces of software and you are free to
contribute and change and propose whatever you wish.

Right now you are only making a point that you don't find it good that
RMS is founder of the project, all that due to a joke, that is somehow
waste of time.


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