* Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddh...@gotplt.org> [2020-01-15 07:00]:
> On 15/01/20 11:02 am, Jean Louis wrote:
> > Which decision in particular?
> A decision to reinstate the patch that the glibc community had agreed on
> and that RMS got reverted through a bad faith assumption of
> consensus.

Sorry, I do not know what you mean. If you refer to the censorship
joke, RMS made final decision, it need not be by consensus. GNU is
about jokes since its inception. If somebody does not like, can read
jokes which one likes.

> > Siddhesh, your sense for justice is different than sense of justice of
> > RMS. Can you get the idea?
> > 
> > For you is public opinion what matters most. For RMS is justice that
> > matters most.
> > 
> > RMS is pretty uncompromising person when it comes to justice issues.
> RMS' sense of justice and your take of my sense of justice are not the
> topic of discussion, so even though I don't agree with both of those
> assessments, I will not rebut it.
> > GNU project is not government. Comparing things which are not similar
> > to each other is bad analogy.
> ... but I haven't compared the GNU project with governments, I have
> compared it with Kingdoms :)
> Siddhesh

Is nothing of that kind. Totally wrong.

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