On 15/01/20 11:33 am, Jean Louis wrote:
> Sorry, I do not know what you mean. If you refer to the censorship
> joke, RMS made final decision, it need not be by consensus. GNU is
> about jokes since its inception. If somebody does not like, can read
> jokes which one likes.

I disagree, but like I said, this discussion risks derailing the current
topic so lets stop.

>> ... but I haven't compared the GNU project with governments, I have
>> compared it with Kingdoms :)
>> Siddhesh
> Is nothing of that kind. Totally wrong.

Of course not with a military, bureaucrats and all that, at least not
that I'm aware of.  But as a top down organisation that operates at the
explicit blessing of the one at the top, of course it is.  You can say
that you don't like the analogy for whatever but you can't just claim
that it's incorrect.


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