* Carlos O'Donell <car...@systemhalted.org> [2020-01-14 22:41]:
> On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 2:25 PM Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
> > Then why did you start in the first place with defamation of GNU
> > project and RMS?
> Ludovic is asking about what is being written on the mailing list, but
> your response is a question about a statement that has nothing to do
> with what is being written on the mailing list. Your statement does
> not logically follow Ludovic's question.
> What does your alleged off-site defamation have to do with what is
> being written on this mailing list?
> If you find a case of defamation posted to this mailing list then
> please raise this with Brandon and Mike the moderators.
> Cheers,
> Carlos.

It is very much connected. Ludovic started with defamation, and in the
next step, he was convinced that he will kick RMS on this mailing

What he does is divide and conquer. I cannot say that is good for any

Then he complains if there is something he does not like on the
mailing list.

It is very related. First step, public defamation. Did not work. Next
step, divide and conquer by using remote means of rumor mongering.


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