On 1/15/20 12:25 PM, orbu...@tutanota.com wrote:
> Because it’s unproductive
> Jan 14, 2020, 19:55 by mrbrk...@optonline.net:
>> On 1/14/20 10:42 PM, Mike Gerwitz wrote:
>>>> Then why did you start in the first place with defamation of GNU
>>>> project and RMS?
>>> This has been discussed ad nauseam and every conceivable point has been
>>> made multiple times over.  Let's please move on.
>> why should we?

It is the only thing that is productive.  This whole conversaiton is a
perverse attempt at removing RMS after he was wrongful pulbically

So every conversation about GNU governence, and codes of conducts that
doesn't discuss this is not just a total WASTE of time,  but it also
demands one to immorally  participate in a smoke screen by people who
maliciously want to remove Stallman for their own benifit.

So stay on the real topic.  GNU needs no changes because it is
effectively run by RMS.  Furthermore, GNU is Richard's personal
organization, and people participate either because they support his
vision, or they are delusional.  It has NEVER been a Democracy.
Everything it has ever accomplished is because of his person effort to
float political ideals he feels are vital.

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