On 8/8/2017 8:47 PM, Jeffrey Black wrote:
The last post I can find on this is from 2013, and there were no satisfactory
answers then.

Does anyone know how or of a utility that will allow me to print reports
without the text splitting in half across page breaks?  PDF does not work
and besides I can not import it into my documents.  HTML export to a browser
is not really an option as I need to add these reports to documents in Open

Any suggestions other OCR scanning HTML printouts?

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.
Easy, I do this all the time when preparing quarterly reports for the boards of the organizations for which I keep books. For the simple reason that there is a lot of editing to be done and that is FAR easier to do under the control of a general purpose editor than writing scheme (custom reports) within gnucash.

a) Export the RAW report from gnucash. You know have a file in HTML format.
b) Open that, select all, copy.
c) Paste "unformatted" into your text document under open office, libreoffice, whatever.
d) Edit to your heart's content.
Understand, HERE is where you control where pages break, what fonts and sizes you want, what zero amounts to purge from the report or what levels of details you might need to reporting purposes but the board doesn't want to see, add annotations and footnotes and any necessary fixed text.

As a retired rather senior systems analyst, I could of course have learned scheme (I can at least read LISP) but an experienced accountant told me "Mike, don't bother. Do the editing OUTSIDE of gnuash. Any experienced accountant would choose to do it that way using their favorite genera purpose editor."

Mike Novack
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