H E L P - hours spent on this so far and no joy:-(
>From the Accounts Receivable or Sales ledger view... (can't remember which)...
- I selected a customer invoice and duplicated it.- it asked for a date and id 
number- I entered the date but not the id number as I thought it would auto 
increment and populate - it did not- In Accounts receivable view the"Type" was 
a question mark '?' so I clicked that and it turned into an 'I' (that's a 
capitol 'i' and not an 'L')
The Problem:
- No "Ref" number appears in A/R Ledger or Sales Ledger view- Can not find the 
invoice via Business > Customer > Find Invoice- Alternately clicking Reports > 
Business > Customer Report shows the original customer invoice but not the 
'duplicated' one
The Question:
How can I get to this 'duplicate' invoice to edit it and then post it?
Should I have entered an id number when I originally 'duplicated' the original 
If so I would have to guess the next auto increment number.... right?
Thanks for any help.
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