Op vrijdag 2 februari 2018 20:45:44 CET schreef Fran_3 via gnucash-user:
>  Running v2.6.19 on Windows 10 PC
> When I duplicate an A/R or Sales Transaction there is no option to "Post"
> Search -> is Posted -> untick
> returns nothing
> using an experimentl gnuCash file I created another "duplicate" of an A/R
> transaction and did not click on the"?" and then attempted various Business
> -> Customer -> Find Invoice
> searches... some using the regex dot/wildcard operator ... searching for ID
> and by Company Name... Still, the "duplicated" A/R Sales transaction only
> appears in those two registers and can not be found using any search
> technique I can find... It is as if the record does not exist... We really
> would like to use the "Duplicate" A/R Transaction and/or Sales Transaction
> but if we can't post, edit, or find the duplicated entry then we will have
> to continue manually entering each transaction from scratch. Thanks for any
> additional help as we were really depending on using gnuCash. Thanks,
> Fran3
Please never ever directly manipulate invoice related transactions in A/R or 
A/P registers!

Gnucash is not designed to be used like that. If you want to duplicate an 
invoice, open that invoice and select "Duplicate Invoice" from the menu. That 
will do what you are after.

Also if you ticked the "?" to change it into an "I", you have effectively 
created a transaction you can not remove any more. You could try to run check 
& repair on the register to check whether that will undo it. I have not tried 
that myself yet (it's a bit late here).



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