How to Assign imported checking transaction to a Vendor?
All I can see is assigning to a Customer:
See Click Sequence and Ref Manual 7.1 below for more detains.
Thanks for any help.
Click Sequence:- Imported Checking Transactions- Viewed Checking Account- Right 
Clicked a payment- Clicked Assign As Payment- Process Payment Window Opens- BUT 
only allows choosing Customer- Can not choose Vendor

Reference Manual 7.1 

There is an alternative way of assigning a payment to (one or more) bills where 
the payment transaction already exists, say in the case where transactions are 
imported from a bank.

This can best be done starting from the asset account register holding the 
imported payment transaction (like your bank account). In that account, select 
the payment, right-click (control-click for Mac OS X) and choose Assign as 
payment.... The payment window will pop-up, partly filled in with the 
information from the transaction. Fill in the missing information like the 
proper vendor and bill to complete the payment.
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