Running v2.6.19 on Windows 10 PC
When I duplicate an A/R or Sales Transaction there is no option to "Post"
Search -> is Posted -> untick
returns nothing
using an experimentl gnuCash file I created another "duplicate" of an A/R 
transaction and did not click on the"?" and then attempted various
Business -> Customer -> Find Invoice
searches... some using the regex dot/wildcard operator ... searching for ID and 
by Company Name...
Still, the "duplicated" A/R Sales transaction only appears in those two 
registers and can not be found using any search technique I can find... It is 
as if the record does not exist...
We really would like to use the "Duplicate" A/R Transaction and/or Sales 
Transaction but if we can't post, edit, or find the duplicated entry then we 
will have to continue manually entering each transaction from scratch.
Thanks for any additional help as we were really depending on using gnuCash.

    On Friday, February 2, 2018, 12:04:04 PM EST, Maf. King <> 
 On Friday, 2 February 2018 15:43:10 GMT Fran_3 via gnucash-user wrote:
>  Thanks but unfortunately it didn't work... here is what I did... Clicked
> Business> Customer > Find Invoice > Company Name > matches regex > "."
> (without quotes) Shows the three invoices we have entered (num    000001,
> 000002, 000003) but does not show the duplicated invoice. (fyi, we
> duplicated 000001) I can clearly see the duplicated transaction in A/R and
> Sales Ledgers but can not see or get to it any other way. Thanks for any
> help!
> Fran3

Hi Fran,

Did you post the duplicated invoice first time around?

I find that the Search -> Is Posted ->  unticked (or set "not true" depending 
on the GC version) is often useful...

You may have shot yourself in the foot when you clicked on the ?  If you 
click it again does it go back from I to ?  ?


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