On Wed, 14 Feb 2018, Fran_3 via gnucash-user wrote:

We have setup a gnucash file for 2018 and created all our customer and
vendor accounts... plus customized the chart of accounts... and entered
all the transactions to date. Now we want to do 2017.

Is there a way to export the structure leaving the vendors, customers, and
customized chart of accounts in place so we can begin populating for 2017.
Thanks for any help.


  Were I you, I'd just start entering your 2017 data (in any order) and
GnuCash will place it appropriately by date. That's what I did when I
switched both business and personal books to gnucash in 2017, I entered all
the 2016 data when I had the time.

  There's no particular advantage to keeping separate books when you have
sufficient disk space available and can specify date ranges for all reports.

Happy bookkeeping,

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