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Dear Vid,
We seem to be on agreement on the whole. 

When I referred to Hindu religious authorities, I did
not mean the polity. I meant was there a collective
apology to Christians, on behalf of Hindus for the
atrocities carried out. 

In general, I do not seek apologies because I really
do think they are redundant. My point was simply that
there has been insanity on all fronts in the name of
religion. Let that be water under the bridge and let's
move on as a secular India.


> We must always be careful to distinguish between
> Hinduism (the religion)
> and Hindutva (the political ideology). The dangers
> of such confusion are
> clear, to make an analogy, what if people the world
> over start blaming
> Christians in general and 'Christian religious
> authorities' for the
> imperialist agenda of George Bush, which is clearly
> motivated by his
> skewed interpretation of Christian fundamentalist
> doctrine? 
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> Question everything -- Karl Marx
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