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--- Vidyadhar Gadgil <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The dangers of such confusion are clear, to make an 
> analogy, what if people the world over start blaming
> Christians in general and 'Christian religious
> authorities' for the imperialist agenda of George 
> Bush, which is clearly motivated by his skewed 
> interpretation of Christian fundamentalist 
> doctrine? 
> Question everything -- Karl Marx
Mario responds:
You were doing fine until your deep seated Marxist
sentiments got the better of you.  Like your icon,
Karl Marx, a REAL imperialist on behalf of communism,
you also failed to question your own vicious and
unsubstantiated accusation before gratuitously
including it in a totally unrelated subject, though
you recommend to us in every Goanet post that we
question everything.
As a Marxist on the losing side of history you
probably dislike President Bush's policy of
encouraging freedom and democracy around the world as
a pre-requisite to a lasting world peace.  God knows
you Marxists tried REAL imperialism for decades until
your philosophy imploded under failed economic
policies that could not sustain your imperialist
As a Marxist you would obviously resent President
Bush's open acknowledgment of his personal Christian
faith.  However, I defy you to find any public
statement by him of using his faith to justify any US
policy, or of being accused by any responsible
American political opponent, of which he has many,
that he has done so.  All he has affirmed is that he
prays for the strength to do what is right.
That must grate like nails across a chalkboard to any
committed Marxist.
Perhaps, like Marxists worldwide, you also resent the
liberation of Muslim populations from Muslim tyrants,
and have the same contempt for the three successful
elections in Iraq.  Perhaps, like Marxists worldwide,
you support a weak and feckless UN, that allowed 16 UN
resolutions to be laughed at by Iraq, aided and
abetted by Russia, China and France.
Your accusation against President Bush of a renegade
Christian imperialism is false on it's face.  It shows
an abysmal ignorance of his documented reluctance to
engage in "nation building", which led to squeals of
protest worldwide in 2001 that the US was becoming
It was Osama Bin Laden that declared war on the US in
1998 at the height of Bill Clinton's
appeasement-oriented administration which emboldened
the Islamic terrorists you seem to sympathize with by
failing to respond to a series of attacks against US
interests throughout the 90's.
Even after 9/11, President Bush first asked the UN to
take the lead and waited for them to fail to do so
before attacking the Taliban that was harboring Al
Qaeda in Afghanistan.  President Bush then asked the
UN again to bring Saddam to heel for his failure to
comply with 16 UN resolutions that required him to
account for the destruction of his WMD's.  It was only
after Iraq failed to comply with UN resolution 1441
which threatened serious consequences, and France said
they would oppose any UN led action to bring Saddam to
account "no matter what" in the infamous words of
Dominic de Villepin, that the US decided to form a
coalition and liberate Iraq.
You also seem to be unaware that it was Bill Clinton
who asked for and signed the Iraq Liberation Act in
1998 based on Iraq's failure to account for it's WMD's
and the fear that he would provide these to the
enemies of the US who had declared war on the US.
It would behoove you to know the facts of the 12-year
run up to the liberation of Iraq and the US
commitment, repeated just this month, to leave Iraq as
soon as the Iraqi government asks it to do so.
Also, if the US was interested in imperialism, why did
it leave and go home in 1991, when it controlled
virtually the entire middle-east after the first Gulf
War, and why, in spite of being the world's only
super-power, is there not a single US ruled territory
anywhere in the world outside it's traditional

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