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On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 17:22 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> From: Elisabeth Carvalho <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: [Goanet] Further to the Da Vinci Code (Re evangelisation)

>  The Pope is talking about conversions that
> take place in India voluntarily. And it is the moral
> right of every human being to convert if he so
> desires.

Certainly. That is what is so objectionable about all these
anti-conversion laws being passed in BJP-ruled states. The Indian
constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and the freedom to convert
is implicitly guaranteed as well.

George's idea of a moratorium on evangelisation/proselytisation is
certainly good -- as long as it is self-imposed, and not brought in
through clearly unconstitutional legislation.

There are certainly some 'forceful' conversions still taking place, but
the existing laws which bar the use of material inducements already
cover this aspect.

> MV Kamath, writes this in his letter:
> The Pope owes an apology to Hindus and to India on
> bended knees.

M.V. Kamath is a well-known ideologue and apologist for the Sangh
Parivar, and need not be taken seriously. Or maybe one could say that
K.S. Sudarshan owes an apology to Christians and the Vatican on bended
knees :-)

> Really, did Hindu religious authorities offer
> apologies to Christians or the Pope, when they saw fit
> to burn Australian missionary Graham Staines and his
> two sons.

Please, this kind of confusion is dangerous. What Hindu religious
authorities? Since when did the Bajrang Dal and the BJP and their
brethren acquire the status of religious authorities?

We must always be careful to distinguish between Hinduism (the religion)
and Hindutva (the political ideology). The dangers of such confusion are
clear, to make an analogy, what if people the world over start blaming
Christians in general and 'Christian religious authorities' for the
imperialist agenda of George Bush, which is clearly motivated by his
skewed interpretation of Christian fundamentalist doctrine? 

Question everything -- Karl Marx

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