Hi Sam,

Looks like your response got truncated. :-/

Anyway, there is a good deal of nice tips, there. I am updating my code to
take your feedback into account. Thanks a lot!

There is one point I still wondering about, however:

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Sam Whited <s...@samwhited.com> wrote:

> > github.com/lmbarros/sbxs_go_markydown/markydown
> The package would normally just live at the repo root in go; unless you're
> expecting other subpackages to live in this repo. Right now I'd have to:
>     import "github.com/lmbarros/sbxs_go_markydown/markydown"
> but it might read better if I could just import:
>     import "github.com/lmbarros/go_markydown"
> (you can also leave the go_ off if this will be the only thing called
> markydown on your GitHub account)
Yes, I think the directory structure I used sucks, and I'd like to improve
it. I'll tell why did so, and would be glad to have some feedback about it:

1. The sbxs_ prefix is there just because I expect this package to be part
of a set of related repositories and I wanted to give them some "unity"
through naming. Arguably a bad idea, I am not sure about it.

2. I added "go" to the package name because I tend to experiment with
different languages from time to time, and therefore I have a reasonable
chance to have naming conflicts without it.

3. I added that extra "markydown" directory just because I read on
Effective Go that it is a convention to give the package name the same name
as the directory, and I thought that "markydown" was a better package name
than "sbxs_go_markydown". Maybe I should just use the long package name and
let users rename it when importing if they wish? Or is there  some better

Thanks again!


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