First, awesome that you started using Go! some thoughts inline:


> 1. The sbxs_ prefix is there just because I expect this package to be part 
> of a set of related repositories and I wanted to give them some "unity" 
> through naming. Arguably a bad idea, I am not sure about it.

I have seen two ways other Go developers have "solve" this,

1. Create a dedicated organization/github account for this group of repos, 


if you see that link (you probably are familiar with it already but if not)

you have:


and people in the community refers to them as " ... have you tried gorilla 
mux? ..." , etc 

2. in your github account you create a repo sbxs, and inside there you add 
a folder go_markydown

if then you have a new component that is related, you create a new folder, 
go_asciidoc inside sbxs

this is somewhat similar to juju iirc



> 2. I added "go" to the package name because I tend to experiment with 
> different languages from time to time, and therefore I have a reasonable 
> chance to have naming conflicts without it.
this is a personal preference, you have your reason, sounds good to me :)

> 3. I added that extra "markydown" directory just because I read on 
> Effective Go that it is a convention to give the package name the same name 
> as the directory, and I thought that "markydown" was a better package name 
> than "sbxs_go_markydown". Maybe I should just use the long package name and 
> let users rename it when importing if they wish? Or is there  some better 
> way?
skipping this one.



> Thanks again!

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