I program using Go every day at Google, and I enjoy the language, but I 
feel that the lack of generics is a downer. I also find the language to be 
like Unix in that it is so simple it takes a genius to understand it. 

On Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 3:59:55 PM UTC-7, Shawn Milochik wrote:
> As with every community, there's the silent majority and the vocal 
> minority. 
> It's easy to be confused, and think that the lack generics is a major 
> issue in the Go community. It is *not*.
> The number 500,000 Go developers worldwide has been thrown around a lot 
> this month. (https://research.swtch.com/gophercount)
> Evidently most of them are using Go just fine -- as individuals, at 
> startups, and at huge companies.
> At every scale, Go's adoption is amazing and the the projects they're 
> building are changing the world:
>    - You don't need generics to write Docker.
>    - You don't need generics to write Kubernetes.
>    - We could add so much more to this list, but you get my point.
> So, let's stop feeding the trolls. The far fewer than 1% of the people who 
> have not yet taken the time to appreciate Go for what it is, and therefore 
> find it lacking in comparison to something they have taken the time to 
> appreciate. I don't mean to belittle those people by calling them trolls, 
> but they are trolling. I'm sure most of them who give the language an 
> honest, unbiased try will come around.
> Imagine if Go programmers went to other language mailing lists and 
> complained about the lack of goroutines and channels, which clearly make 
> those other language "unfit for concurrent programming." That would be 
> equally unhelpful.

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