Generics would divide the Go community.

I would probably never use it, like many people who comes to Go from C. 
People who are already experienced Go programmers also likely to avoid it. 
Java programmers on the other hand will surely overuse it.

There it is, you have two different Go code bases that looks nothing like 
each others. One uses Generics and the other does not. Nobody wants Go to 
have the same fate as C++. We love how there is only one way to accomplish 
something in Go.

There are billions of lines of code written in Go. Nobody would happily 
transform all those working codes just to use new idiomatic Go with 
generics. I suspect even Go team would hesitate to transform all the 
standard library.

If Go team add generics to Go 2, i am afraid that Go 2 will have the same 
fate as python 3.

Let's hope it never happens.

On Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7:25:35 AM UTC+1, dc0d wrote:
> All forms of generics that I would love to have in Go:
> <>

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