Overall, I really like the direction vgo is headed.

One thing that seems to be difficult, if not impossible to do (I've yet to 
figure out how to do so, anyway) is to work with code that has yet to be 
committed and resides outside of your module. This is a frequent occurrence 
for me, as I often have to work on groups of changes that interact between 
multiple repos. Yes, I'll eventually check those changes in, but usually 
not while actively working on the problem.

Related to this, it took a few minutes to realize that you really can't 
"downgrade" to a commit-level entry with the tool when a tag is present in 
the repo -- you have to manually edit it to get the desired behavior. I put 
downgrade in quotes because what I was actually trying to do was to get the 
actual latest (HEAD) code, but could not without manually futzing with the 
go.mod file. This is also something that I frequently need to do -- and I'm 
relatively sure I'm not alone -- so it seems like the tool should make this 
easy, not hard.

Despite the two problems above, an inability to work with GitHub Enterprise 
(filed in a bug report), and concern over how IDEs will work with library 
source, I'm already enjoying working with vgo.

- Rich

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