Bartholomew: there is another concern. Let's imagine that I've solved the 
Visible dataset, and I know for sure that this doesn't solve the Hidden one. I 
submit the solution, I get the positive verdict, and I start the better 
implementation. In the old platform I can always compare the results that the 
old (less effective) solution produces with the results that the better 
solution gives me, and that comes for free: I don't need to spend an attempt 
with a penalty. Now it is not free. Moreover, I even don't know which attempt 
will be taken to score my visible dataset (shall I submit my correct solution 
for the second time?).

Today we've got a Qual Round analysis, and the analyst still assumes that old 
rules are valid. Let's regard the "Saving The Universe Again": as usual we have 
a clue that if we know that "Since there is at most one C instruction in this 
test set, we can solve the two cases independently"! Who cares now of the 
solutions that doesn't solve both datasets?

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