So after a bit of work (almost all with altering build configurations)
I have a version of Growl 1.2.x compiling reliably under xcode 4.1
based on the latest mercurial sources that were made available
before the project stopped releasing source code.

This version works quite reliably with all the applications I use --
it is now what I run on my own desktop.

I've also patched the well known bug with HardwareGrowler that
afflicted many people in the released version (i.e. that it crashed
reliably under Lion when Wifi went up and down.)

I didn't do things 100% "right" in that I only have the thing
building 64 bit binaries for 10.7, but on the other hand anyone else
can probably happily use the 1.2.x binaries from

I intend to maintain this stuff for myself for the forseeable future
-- are there people out there interested in what I did? I can put my
patched version of the sources up somewhere that does mercurial
hosting if anyone else is interested in it.

Note that if you don't have a version of XCode and aren't reasonably
wizardly, the code will not do you much good, though presumably
someone could make binaries built from this version available if
they were so inclined.

Perry E. Metzger      

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