> So after a bit of work (almost all with altering build
> configurations) I have a version of Growl 1.2.x compiling reliably
> under xcode 4.1 based on the latest mercurial sources that were
> made available before the project stopped releasing source code.
> I can put my patched version of the sources up somewhere that does
> mercurial hosting if anyone else is interested in it.

Having been asked by a couple of people, I've put my repository here:


The tip of the tree is now "fork-1.2", which was derived from the 1.2
maintenance branch. "default" seems to be old and crusty.

Also in response to inquiries, I've put up a .dmg of
HardwareGrowler.app that I've been running on my machine for the last
few hours. CAUTION: this is not really even beta tested software, RUNS
ONLY ON LION, might eat your computer for breakfast or something
similar, not endorsed by the FDA.

On the other hand, if you've been annoyed by having your
HardwareGrowler crashing constantly on Lion and would like to try it
out, please do. The patch was only two lines and seems to have worked
fine. Repeating, it RUNS ONLY ON LION.

Repeating again: None of this work is official, it is not endorsed by
the growl.info folks, it is not guaranteed to work at all.

As for building from my patched sources, do this, roughly:

0) You need XCode 4.1 installed
1) Clone the repository.
2) type "./build.sh" in the top directory. Better yet, do
   "./build.sh >/tmp/log 2>&1" and make sure when it is done that
   /tmp/log contains no "BUILD FAILED" lines.
3) A zip file of the growl preferences will be in
   To install it by hand (yes, this is cheesy)....
     a) Make sure you have no other version of growl (like 1.3 or 1.2.2)
     b) cd to ~/Library/PreferencePanes and unzip the thing there.
4) .app files for HardwareGrowler, GrowlTunes, etc, are in
   Extras/HardwareGrowler/build/Release (and the like named
   directories for the other "Extras".) I haven't tested these well AT
   ALL -- HardwareGrowler seems to work, GrowlTunes seems to work, I
   haven't tested the others AT ALL.

I may actually build a proper release at some point if there is
demand (though I am not sure if there will be -- other than
HardwareGrowler, 1.2.x works fine on Lion).

Patches to automate creating a release are of course welcome -- there
is some existing release automation already there but it doesn't seem
to be "press one button" automatic, which it could be. (If I end up
doing this too often I'll do that, or more likely, I'll just wait
until someone else gets frustrated and does it.)

Oh, and I have some nice (but poorly tested) Applescript to add growls
to iChat without needing the (now dead anyway under Lion) Chax plugin
-- I may build an installer for those some time soon and put it up as

Perry E. Metzger                pe...@piermont.com

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