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> The true vs false on getState was still a  mystery.  As you indicate it
> never did anything for me.  I think if it was working it would be
> beneficial.  What I'm trying to achieve was prioritize which endpoints are
> most likely to succeed to try them first.  Nothing I did took an IDLE to
> RUNNING except an actual RPC but then that would be too late.

As a note, your use-case may be better served by implementing a
LoadBalancer. It would get to choose which endpoint to use, and has access
to "subchannel.requestConnection()" (which should be working even though
getState(true) is not). You can see PickFirstBalancerFactory for an
example. Choosing to make your own LB mainly depends on how much
application logic you need as part of your decision (although you can also
plumb application data to the LB via CallOptions.withOption).

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