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> What I want is to setup an exception converter once, and have it applied
> automatically to all grpc calls.

grpc-java doesn't support this, and it would be a bit weird because it
changes the API. Maybe it could be a feature/configuration of the stub, as
long as you only want to throw RuntimeExceptions. But it also seems like it
would bring confusion when used. I do understand the annoyance of dealing
with less-than-ideally-convenient exception types, but it seems "that's

The only real way to do this today is make your own stub type, and that
would imply code generation. You can make a "poor man's" stub by having
your users pass your code a MethodDescriptor (obtained via
YourServiceGrpc.getYourMethod()), at which point you could do any
conversion logic and then call the stub utilities like

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