> I didn't had any problem until now, but sudently the touchscreen
> stopped working. I tried a forced reboot, and I was able to use the
> touchscreen in uboot. But again, in QTMoko, no touchscreen anymore.
> Strange as it was working until know... :(

> hmm, very interesting.
> So qtmoko does react to aux or power buttons? 

Yes it reacts to the buttons. 

>If you can ssh to it:
>Is /dev/input/touchscreen in use, fuser /dev/input/touchscreen

>/etc/init.d/qtmoko-gta04 stop
>cat /dev/input/touchscreen
>does that give any input? 

It is working again, and I didn't do anything for this. 

I will try what you suggest when/if this happens again.

> I try rebooting on the Linus in Nand, no problem. 
> I remove the battery and start again qtmoko, but no touchscreen.
 >Another interesting thing would be a dmesg from the running system or
>the /var/log/kern.log 

OK, as soon as it happens again, I will do it. 

Best regards 

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