With the default MacPorts installation of gtk3, one can set XDG_CONFIG_HOME to /opt/local/share/themes/Default and then include the gtk.css file with
.window-frame:backdrop {
  box-shadow: none;
  margin: 0;}

in it, in /opt/local/share/themes/Default/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

and the margins will disappear on the popup menu boxes avoiding the selection problem. No need to install an alternate theme.
Please excuse the errors in the previous posting.

jim...  Jim Charlton

On 15-03-14 10:02 PM, Jim Charlton wrote:
To answer part of my own question.... I am using my own gtk3 theme rather than the compiled Adwaita theme that comes with Gtk3. I set the environment variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME (export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/opt/local/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0), edited /opt/local/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/gtk.css to "@import url("gtk-main.css");" and then edit /opt/local/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css to customize the theme. (careful... your theme directory may be elsewhere, depending on how you installed Gtk3).

To cure the context menu problem, I eliminated the margin on popup windows by adding

.window-frame:backdrop {
  box-shadow: none;
  margin: 0;}

to the end of the gtk.css file. Without the margin box the selection problem seems to go away.

This is not a cure... but perhaps a useful work-around! The inspiration for this idea comes from https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?pid=36005.

jim...   Jim Charlton

On 15-03-14 09:11 PM, Jim Charlton wrote:
A further note on the context menu issues....

If one runs gtk3-demo and right clicks in the open pane on the lower right a context menu opens. If one carefully slides the cursor pointer into the list and down the list the "Select All" will not highlight. If you slide the cursor out of the box, being sure to go outside of the margin around the box, and then renter the box, the item will highlight. But if you then carefully place the pointer into the margin area of the box and back into the box, the item ceases to be sensitive.

Is this possibly related to a patch introduced in April of last year...

https://mail.gnome.org/archives/commits-list/2014-April/msg01392.html ??

Or is there a way to change the css margin of popups to see if that will cure the problem... ?? Hmmmm...?

jim...  Jim Charlton

On 15-03-14 09:25 AM, Konstantin Dmitriev wrote:
Hello, Jim!

2015-03-14 21:50 GMT+06:00 Jim Charlton <char...@gmail.com>:
Hi Konstantin:

I wrote to the list earlier to say that I could reproduce the problem that you have identified. I am using MAC Yosemite 10.10 in a VirtualBox VM.

To investigate further, I created a new Yosemite VM and installed MacPorts,
Xcode, Xcode tools, and then ran "port install gtk3 +quartz" and "port
install gtkmm3 +quartz". After this, running the gtk3-demo program showed
the same problem that you encountered.

When I look at your YouTube video of the gtk3-demo program, I see that you
have a different theme than the default compiled Adwaita theme.  I was
wondering exactly how you installed the dark theme that you were using?
The dark theme is enabled if you set the GTK_THEME environment
variable in the following way:

I have been using gtk3 and gtkmm3 to create software for a coffee roasting company. I note that in my software, I have exactly the same problem that
you have found.  I just never noticed it before! :-)

I am not an expert on the Gtk3 and Gtkmm3 libraries. But maybe if we keep
working on it, a solution will appear.
Yes, I am not a gtk3 expert a well, but I hope that this issue will
get resolved. At least I hope to attract attention of GTK developers.

It would be good to verify that this
problem occurs on a "real" MAC and not just on a virtual machine.
I have one report from the user who have experienced the same issue on
the real (non-virtual) machine -
But it's better to double-check, of course. I haven't got confirmation
from the bugreporter that the issue is the same...

Also, I can provide the dmg package with the compiled binary, so
anyone can test if the issue happens on the real Mac as well -

BTW, is it OK to forward this message to gtk-app mailing list, maybe
it will be interesting to others?

Best Regards,

On 15-03-05 09:17 AM, Konstantin Dmitriev wrote:
2015-03-03 15:01 GMT+06:00 Vest . <vest...@gmail.com>:
Hello Konstantin,

I apologize that I probably cannot help you, but I am curious. Do you
this issue, if you run a simple demo, where GtkMenu is used?
Because it seems that when you move the mouse outside of the menu's
boundaries, something "inside" the widget is cleared and the menu
mouse events again.

Kind regards,
Hello, Vest!

Thank you for responding!
I have tested the gtk3-demo and (surprise!) the issue seems to be
100%-reproducible there. Here I have recorded a video -
Have tested this with GTK 3.14.8 and 3.14.9. Also tested on 32bit and
64bit. Issue persists.

I have tried to build with X11 backend and issue doesn't happen. So,
it seems to be Quartz-only.

I can provide a bash script that I use to unwrap all environment
(creates MacPorts installation from scratch in the custom location and
builds our application - Synfig Studio).

Any help/advice is appreciated.

Best Regards,

On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 12:59 PM, Konstantin Dmitriev
<ksee.zelga...@gmail.com> wrote:

My name is Konstantin Dmitriev, I am a maintainer of Synfig Studio
open-source animation software.

Recently we have ported our software from Gtk2 to Gtk3. Unfortunately, after that we have encountered issues with context menus on OSX - the context menus are become insensitive sometimes. This happens randomly,
but quite often.

I have recorded a video to illustrate the problem -

I am stuck with this issue and don't know how to solve it. Any help,
hints, suggestions are highly appreciated.

Some information about the build environment:
Gtk version 3.14.8, everything built through MacPorts environment.
Gtk backend type: XQuartz.

I will be happy to provide any additional information.
Thank you!

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