RIP gtk-app-devel.

I hope this discourse thing succeeds. Personally I find it just another
awkward, cumbersome run of the mill QA site. The mailing list should be
preserved. But what do I know? I've only seen about 90% of these migrations to
forum like sites lose users and community involvement over the past 20 years.
Here's to hoping that gtk-app-devel-list will be one of the 10%.
I will probably not participate in Discourse. I posted on the 'hello' page just to get the feel of how Discourse works, but found nothing to make me a Discourse type of person. I check StackOverflow on a regular basis, but I get rewarded there. Discourse has no reward feature and I find it rather impersonal compared to email. The mailing list felt like a community, not a QA site. Exactly what Discourse does that bug reports on Gitlab and/or StackOverflow haven't covered, I am not sure. Fragmentation, maybe?

What is the technological hold-up to doing both? Listserves are no cost simple
implementations that should be able to mirror posts from discourse to the
existing list and vice-versa. That would seem to be the way to go until you
have some assurance that discourse will preserve community involvement instead
of just doing it on hope.
I originally thought I would participate on Discourse via email, then email got discouraged in favor of the web UI.

I don't have that much answers, and neither do I have a lot of questions. Therefore I will just quietly fade away...


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