Is the subject line of this thread a freudian slip?  We are definitely
moving toward discord, from the complaints!

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>> wrote:
>> Is it easy in discourse to turn on email, either daily digests or
>> "live"? Is there an rss feed that I can subscribe to? A quick howto
>> would be great.
> There is a link on how to use email with Discourse in the original email.

I'm just a lurker here following GTK+ out of personal interest, and the
traditional mailing list format fit that perfectly.  Discourse not so much.

After you mentioned mailing list mode in Discourse, I tried enabling
mailing list mode on another discourse board that I occasionally visit.
The results were not encouraging, unfortunately. Discourse does not
offer any kind of granularity when in mailing list mode; you get
everything on every sub forum across the entire Discourse instance.  The
only way to get granularity is to manually set email notifications on
particular topics, or automatic on topics one has participated in.  From
what I read the Discourse developers acknowledge that the mailing list
mode isn't really that great and never will be as there's just not a 1:1
mapping of how Discourse handles things with email.

Sadly for me, Discourse has all the same limitations and problems as any
other web forum I've used.  An awkward interface requiring logging in, a
lack of threaded messages (at least I can't see anything like threads in
Discourse), and yet another web site to have to visit.

Thanks for all your work on GTK+, Mr Bassi.  And to all the rest of the
GTK+ developers.
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