On 3/20/2019 9:37 PM, Reuben Rissler wrote:
RIP gtk-app-devel.

I hope this discourse thing succeeds. Personally I find it just another
awkward, cumbersome run of the mill QA site. The mailing list should be
preserved. But what do I know? I've only seen about 90% of these migrations to forum like sites lose users and community involvement over the past 20 years.
Here's to hoping that gtk-app-devel-list will be one of the 10%.
I will probably not participate in Discourse. I posted on the 'hello' page just to get the feel of how Discourse works, but found nothing to make me a Discourse type of person. I check StackOverflow on a regular basis, but I get rewarded there. Discourse has no reward feature and I find it rather impersonal compared to email. The mailing list felt like a community, not a QA site. Exactly what Discourse does that bug reports on Gitlab and/or StackOverflow haven't covered, I am not sure. Fragmentation, maybe?

What is the technological hold-up to doing both? Listserves are no cost simple implementations that should be able to mirror posts from discourse to the existing list and vice-versa. That would seem to be the way to go until you have some assurance that discourse will preserve community involvement instead
of just doing it on hope.
I originally thought I would participate on Discourse via email, then email got discouraged in favor of the web UI.

I don't have that much answers, and neither do I have a lot of questions. Therefore I will just quietly fade away...


The problem for me is clock. I tried Slack for a development project I'm leading, but important messages got lost in the shuffle. Also, it was just another website to check, another interface to learn.

Email has been a good aggregator tool to save time--it is just one place I have to check. I suppose this discourse instance is OK if gtk is all you do, but how many different sites can I visit to keep up on what is going on and to learn from what people are doing on all kinds of software? Today, people want you to check Slack and Github and Stackoverflow and Telegram and WhatsApp and email and this and that proprietary forum and a hundred blogs. It's overwhelming and can waste a lot of time. Oh yeah, and IRC channels....and what was that thing called...usenet newsgroups?...forgot about that.

I'm all for upgrades and using new tech, but in a way it is wearing me out!

Is it easy in discourse to turn on email, either daily digests or "live"? Is there an rss feed that I can subscribe to? A quick howto would be great.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading,


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