> The problem for me is clock. I tried Slack for a development project
> I'm  leading, but important messages got lost in the shuffle. Also,
> it wasjust another website to check, another interface to learn.


> Email has been a good aggregator tool to save time--it is just one
> place I have to check. I suppose this discourse instance is OK if gtk
> is all you do, but how many different sites can I visit to keep up on
> what is...


Is it easy in discourse to turn on email, 

Kinda;  its still pretty crumby, and a pain to respond to anything.

E-mail had a great run, solved almost every problem when used
correctly;  then people decided to try something else ... about every
~90 days it seems.   I'm just too tired of it all to learn yet-another-
messaging-platform.  #shrug

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