Ricardo Wurmus <rek...@elephly.net> writes:

> ng0 <n...@we.make.ritual.n0.is> writes:
>>> GNUnet doesn’t encode/decode ogg audio files, does it?
>> It has this telephony feature (gnunet-conversation, despite the README
>> it no longer is experimental) and gnunet-helper-audio-record-gst
>> references ogg.
>> src/conversation/gnunet-helper-audio-record.c:41:#include <ogg/ogg.h>
>> configure.ac:424:# libogg
>> configure.ac:425:AC_CHECK_LIB(ogg, ogg_stream_flush_fill,
>> configure.ac:426:        [AC_CHECK_HEADERS([ogg/ogg.h],
>> configure.ac:428:          ogg=1
>> configure.ac:429:          AC_DEFINE(HAVE_OGG,1,[Have ogg]),
>> configure.ac:431:          ogg=0
>> configure.ac:432:          AC_DEFINE(HAVE_OGG,0,[lacking ogg]))],
>> configure.ac:434:        ogg=0)
> Ah, thanks.  This makes sense.  I wonder if it were possible to split
> the applications.  Not now but in the future.  Would be nice to be able
> install these things separately.

Maybe.. I think this needs some work on the build system, and I don't
feel up to doing that now (or anyone else I know of), higher priority is
also a change in some part of the build system so that releases can
happen more regulary.

What I did for taler preparation packaging for Guix is that I inherited
gnunet-svn and created a gnunet with postgresql bindings instead of
wateversql is our default again. If taler once a release candidate is
out will remain postgresql only, I will have to move this gnunet-variant
over to guix master.

> ~~ Ricardo


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