Hi Yeti,

Yeti: thank you, I'm not sure why I haven't tried the python way before. Part 
of it is that the idea that the python module lives in the libgwyddion2-0 deb 
did not occur to me.
Now I'm getting a bit of progress. It just feels rather unpythonic.

One thing I stumbled upon: I'm using debian testing's package (2.45) whose gwy 
module looks for these libraries:

libgwyapp2.so, libgwydgets2.so, libgwyddion2.so, libgwydraw2.so, 
libgwyprocess2.so, libgwymodule2.so

however they exist only with an additional .0 (libgwyapp2.so.0 etc) which are 
symlinks to the actual library. additional symlinks witout the dot-zeros help 
the python module getting started. Is that a packaging error or rather a bug in 
the build script?



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