On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 05:44:01PM +0200, Arian Sanusi wrote:
> It just feels rather unpythonic.

Well, a hand-maintained Python API could probably feel more pythonic but
there is not one willing to do that so what you have got is a C API
crudely hewn into a Python form...

> One thing I stumbled upon: I'm using debian testing's package (2.45)
> whose gwy module looks for these libraries:
> libgwyapp2.so, libgwydgets2.so, libgwyddion2.so, libgwydraw2.so,
> libgwyprocess2.so, libgwymodule2.so
> however they exist only with an additional .0 (libgwyapp2.so.0 etc)
> which are symlinks to the actual library. additional symlinks witout
> the dot-zeros help the python module getting started. Is that a
> packaging error or rather a bug in the build script?

The right ones should come with the -dev package.  If you do not want
the long story, just accept it kind of makes sense (you are going to
develop with Gwyddion so you need the -dev package).  The only trouble
is that (IIUC) gwy.so is in the main package.  I am not sure about the
Debian policies; I would either put it to a separate package or into the
-dev package...



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