> Well, a hand-maintained Python API could probably feel more pythonic but
> there is not one willing to do that so what you have got is a C API
> crudely hewn into a Python form...
sure, no criticism intended :)

> The right ones should come with the -dev package.  If you do not want
> the long story, just accept it kind of makes sense (you are going to
> develop with Gwyddion so you need the -dev package).  The only trouble
> is that (IIUC) gwy.so is in the main package.  I am not sure about the
> Debian policies; I would either put it to a separate package or into the
> -dev package...

I actually looked for a python-gwyddion or similar named package, but that's 
obviously not debian policy. wrt -dev package: I'm developing stuff, alright. 
But once other start just using the stuff I write, how does that apply?

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