On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 06:33:55PM +0200, Arian Sanusi wrote:
> I actually looked for a python-gwyddion or similar named package, but
> that's obviously not debian policy. wrt -dev package: I'm developing
> stuff, alright. But once other start just using the stuff I write, how
> does that apply?

Then the requirement is the same but makes much less sense.

The entire thing is a complex workaround for another problem...  We
could dlopen() the .0 library – except that would break in other OSes
such as OS X where the naming scheme is different.  So until someone
explains me how to fix it better and cross-platform it is probably going
to stay this way.  Yes, you need the development Gwyddion package to run
standalone python scripts, which is an annoyance, but it is something
that can be clearly formulated and followed and things just work then.



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