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> Hello Susan
> As Catherine says there are several smocks in the V & A. This is their 
> collections page - You can 
> search on 'smock'.  There are several early women's smocks and the 
> traditional work smocks.  Another title you may be interested in is 'The 
> Countryman's Smock' by Anne Buck - reprint from Folk Life; it does not 
> mention any smocks being for women.  I think it must be a very rare title, it 
> is not listed on Amazon but you may be able to find a copy. In the UK we are 
> able to request books from the British Library through our local libraries, a 
> wonderful service.  Do you have anything similar?
> Viv.
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> I have the Shire book by Alice Armes, "English Smocks", (9th ed., Dryad
> Press Ltd., London, 1987).  The section on the history of the English
> smock only refers to men wearing smocks, but there is a later section on
> the trade emblems embroidered on the smocks includes:  "Milkmaids -
> churns, butter pats, hearts, etc.".  An embroidery pattern included with
> the book is for these symbols.
> It also says that:  "Elaborately decorated smocks were not produced
> before the middle of the eighteenth century, and they reached their
> greatest perfection in the early part of the nineteenth century." Two of
> the illustrations are photographs of smocks in the Victoria and Albert
> Museum, so their site could be worth a search; others are from county
> museums, such as the Castle Museum, Nottingham.
> Catherine. 
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